Dear Buyers, we understand that you are always in search of a good deal. We want your business and your success! Even if you have a final confirmed offer from your supplier, come back to us and see whether we can beat it. If you are ready to buy, please make sure you have your LOI and BCL ready so as to not waste anybody’s time. Turkish Cement is a join venture between cement manufacturing and cement trading company. We are strong, competitive and we do act in your best interest to secure a deal. We value your business and always look forward to building a productive mutually benefitial relationship.

High quality cement due to the use of natural high quality raw materials obtained locally.
Advanced technology used by manufacturers offers higher volume production in less time.
Competitive price and availability of large volumes due to high number of manufacturers.
Geographical location enables easy reach to Europe, Russia, Africa and Middle East.
Plenty of shipping companies, which makes it easier to arrange CFR delivery.