Pozzolanic Cement B A-M 32.5-N

The cement is produced by grinding a mixture of additives (pozzolana) prescribed by standards (max. 20) with Portland cement clinker by addition of a certain amount of retarder (gypsum) and sets and gains strength after a certain time being mixed with water.

Generally the product can be used in all places where portland cement is applicable. Hydration temperature is relatively lower than portland cement. It is appropriate to use in concrete works performed in aggresive areas where the content of sulphate or chloride ion is high.

Physical properties

    Analysis Standard Unit
  Initial Setting Time 157 min. 60 Minute
  Final Setting Time 185 Minute
  Increase in volume 1 max. 10 cm
  Specific Surface
4450 cm2/g
  Bulk Density 890 g/l
  2 Days Strength 25 min. 20 N/mm2
  28 Days Strength 55  min./max. 42.5/62.5  N/mm2

Chemical properties

    Analysis Standard Unit
  SO3 3.4 max 3.5 %
  MgO 1.0 max. 5 %