Comparison Table
Services Turkish Cement Single Manufacturer
Own annual production 4,000,000 MT up to 2,000,000 MT
Additional source of supply 15+ manufacturers 1 manufacturer
Price per MT Lower 2-4 USD more
Large volume availability Yes Not necessarily
Loading time 2-5 days 5-14 days
Delivery method FOB or CFR EXW or FOB only
Payment method for 50 kg bags L/C 100% pre-payment
Payment method for bulk & clinker 50% pre-payment & 50% LC 100% pre-payment
Spoken language English, Turkish, Arabic, 
French, Russian, Bulgarian



A word of advise, be aware of smaller traders or agents that have limited references. Please remember that reliability in this type of business is more important than saving 1-2 USD dollars on the price, because you will end up paying more when you run into problems with delivery, quality or contract execution.